Becoming a Patient

Get better faster at Transform Physical Therapy

Why Choose Physical Therapy?

  •  Relieve pain without medication
  •  Address underlying problem leading to lasting results
  •  Empower client with self management skills
  •  Facilitate healthy, active lifestyle
  •  Reimbursable by insurance


Transform Physical Therapy, LLC, is a preferred provider for some private insurance companies, and can submit your bill electronically. Deductibles and co-pays are collected at each visit. Credit cards and checks are accepted. Please contact the member services division of your insurance plan prior to your appointment to determine your physical therapy coverages (in or out of network services, need for prior authorization, limitations and/or exclusions, deductible and co-pay amounts). Transform PT has no relationship with Medicare or Medicaid. Please email or call Transform PT with questions.

If you'd like, you may print and fill out these forms prior to coming in.

Intake and History Form
PT Authorization Form